We have come a long way in our three short years. We often forget what the compound was like when we first walked in, in the spring of 2010. We were only looking for a larger warehouse to be a home for MUTAYTOR and Tribe and perhaps a few other of our artist friends. Then Kenny found this place. Originally the idea was to take only the central warehouse. Kevin insisted that we needed ALL of it. But that was impossible. Then came Dan. He saw it...and made it happen. And he secured the lease on the entire compound. Big Art Labs LLC was established and then began the nervous journey of Kenny, Dan, Christine and Kevin to make the impossible happen. Sara joined us shortly after. The finacial and physical obstacles were enormous. Life savings were risked. First tenants came in. Agaist all odds we made it happen. Ancient plumbing fixed and murals being painted. Studios being built out and floors restored. All of it adding up for a vision that was Big Art Labs. And that journey towards the vision continues. Art cars and events. Movies and music. A rare community of artists of every discipline collectively working towards something that is not happening anywhere else. That is Big Art Labs.

2010 - Building Five. Many ideas were tossed about as to what to do with the walled area. The solution came with the Arts Refoundry.